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I am pleased to announce a new addition to my map puzzle project, a challenging Flag Quiz. After careful consideration and planning, I have decided to include this game to provide users with an educational and entertaining experience that promotes the development of their geographic knowledge.

The Flag Quiz is an interactive questionnaire designed with the objective of assessing participants’ geographic knowledge and fostering their familiarity with flags from different countries. Each question presents a flag and a series of options from which players must select the correct answer. Additionally, an interactive map functionality has been incorporated, displaying the corresponding geographic location for each selected flag, thereby enriching the understanding of world geography.

To implement this game, the existing infrastructure in the puzzle platform has been leveraged, utilizing previously developed components in React. This resource reuse strategy has allowed for optimization of both time and resources invested in the development of the Flag Quiz. Furthermore, to create animated and visually appealing flags, “react-three,” a React-specific implementation of Three.js, has been employed. While ChatGPT has assisted in generating the flag code, custom modifications have been made to ensure the final result meets expectations and aligns with the game’s vision.

The Flag Quiz on currently offers a total of 41 games, providing players with a wide selection of opportunities to test their skills and expand their geographic knowledge in an interactive environment. This educational and entertaining challenge is designed to promote learning through fun while fostering a greater understanding of the cultural and geographic diversity of our planet.

I invite you to dive into this fascinating world of flags and test your geographic knowledge with the Flag Quiz on Discover how much you know about world flags while enjoying a unique interactive experience. This interactive game will allow you to broaden your geographic horizons in an entertaining and stimulating way. Don’t miss the opportunity to embark on this virtual adventure and explore the rich tapestry of world flags. I’ll be waiting for you at to discover the exciting world of flags!