Application that through a web link to a pdf, allows you to previously select the printer and automatically print the document.

Ideal for setting up a local invoice reception service, or any other PDF document received periodically.

Download on Github.


Small script to generate a log file with all the information from the Unity Debug.Log console, it also includes the option to show a Textbox Log in aplication UI.


  • Create log file in app path o local resourses path
  • Vervose Debug with stacktrace
  • Display in UI or silent mode.


  • FPSDisplay.cs for display framerate on UI
  • FlyCamera.cs for simple wasd and mouse camera control for test scenes
  • Utils.cs some useful functions


Download from my Github and copy to assets folder and add it to any gameobject

Shader Man Selection for Unity 3D

I adapted from the ShaderMan project, a series of Shaders for Unity, although it is not 100% my creation, except some, are interpretations and conversions of shaders found in ShaderToy mostly.

Also the project includes some interesting shaders that are not my creation, and that I wanted to incorporate to the project for its later study.

You can find the source code in my GitHub

Woocommerce osCommerce Sync

Sync for WordPress WooCommerce from OsCommerce database.


  1. You must install the main “WooCommerce – excelling eCommerce” plugin in order to use this plugin
  2. You must have MySQL remote access to the osCommerce database (most hosting providers will allow you to setup remote access)

After installing the plugin go to Woocommerce -> osCommerce Import and enter the osCommerce database info, and the URL to the osCommerce store.

All products and categories will be imported at once (import is not staggered yet). If you have a lot of products to import and it is timing out just run the importer several times until all products are imported (products that have already been imported are skipped over).

If there is enough demand I may added a staggering system to avoid timeouts.

Note that when importing customers the passwords from osCommerce are NOT copied over due to the MD5+Salt encryption. New passwords are generated, imported customers will need to do a forgotten password to get their new password.


  • Add debug mode
  • Bootstrap
  • Lang selector
  • limit and offset for produts
  • Divide import categories/products in two sections.
  • Change image import, now import only one resource if two products use same image.
  • Add import second image product
  • Verify if a image was before imported.
  • Option for delete products images asociated.

MoonWalk 2

Game for Google Cardboard VR, you can explore the lunar surface, shoot, jump and break ground.

Xbox One Controller

  • Left Stick – Walk
  • Btn A – Shoot and down terrrain
  • Btn B – Shoot and upper terrrain
  • Btn Y – Jump
  • Right Stick – Rotate camera


  • Cursors – Walk
  • Space – Jump
  • Z – Shoot
  • X – Kill a enemy
  • C – Generates less enemies
  • V – Generates more enemies

Only in Windows

  • O – Vr desactivated
  • P – Vr activated
  • Click Mouse – Shoot
  • Mouse – Move head
  • Ctrl + Mouse – Rotate head

Project in Github