Woocommerce osCommerce Sync

Sync for WordPress WooCommerce from OsCommerce database.


  • Add debug mode
  • Bootstrap
  • Lang selector
  • limit and offset for produts
  • Divide import categories/products in two sections.
  • Change image import, now import only one resource if two products use same image.
  • Add import second image product
  • Verify if a image was before imported.
  • Option for delete products images asociated.

MoonWalk 2

Game for Google Cardboard VR, you can explore the lunar surface, shoot, jump and break ground.

Xbox One Controller

Left Stick – Walk

Btn A – Shoot and down terrrain

Btn B – Shoot and upper terrrain

Btn Y – Jump

Right Stick – Rotate camera


Cursors – Walk

Space – Jump

Z – Shoot

X – Kill a enemy

C – Generates less enemies

V – Generates more enemies

Only in Windows

O – Vr desactivated

P – Vr activated

Click Mouse – Shoot

Mouse – Move head

Ctrl + Mouse – Rotate head

Pano3DReal 0.4a

VR application to view 360 panoramas and 3D for Google Cardboard.


O – Vr deactivated

P – Vr activated

Mouse – Move head

Ctrl + mouse – rotate head

Bubbles Annihilator 1.1a

Game ships with the Phaser HTML5 javascript library.

Code on GitHub

Change log

1.1a Migrate to PhoneGap to export Android APK.


Cursors – Move

Ctrl – Shoot

In Mobile

Touch screen – Move

Red button – Shoot

Acelerometter – Move the “Death Star”