Cube Beat War

Cube Beat War allows players to cast the magical Kame Hame Ha with their hands. To do this, players must perform specific hand gestures, such as bringing their palms together and then opening them to generate magic, and pushing forward to cast it. The game includes a menu and a scoring system, and consists of eliminating colored cubes that appear randomly. The game uses a gesture detection library that allows players to interact with the menu using the finger pointing gesture, as if it were a laser pointer. The game ends when all the cubes are eliminated. The application uses the Oculus XR plugin and requires Unity 2021.2.5f1 and an Oculus Quest 2 to work.

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Seville, around 1870, Panorama

Conversion of the photos taken by Jean Laurent, the French photographer based in Spain who took 7 snapshots to form a great panorama of the river and its surroundings.


High-resolution photos were coloured with different algorithms, then blended and processed, a believable sky was recreated and a false bottom fill was added to make it more integrated.

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Source code of the project at Github