Nerf Unity for Oculus Quest 2

based on a collection of 2D images. The NeRF AI can fill in gaps and correct human errors when capturing photos.

In this article, I’ll tell you how the idea for this project came about, what NeRF is and how it differs from photogrammetry, and what you can do with this project if you’re interested in trying it out.

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Cube Beat War

Cube Beat War allows players to cast the magical Kame Hame Ha with their hands. To do this, players must perform specific hand gestures, such as bringing their palms together and then opening them to generate magic, and pushing forward to cast it. The game includes a menu and a scoring system, and consists of eliminating colored cubes that appear randomly. The game uses a gesture detection library that allows players to interact with the menu using the finger pointing gesture, as if it were a laser pointer. The game ends when all the cubes are eliminated. The application uses the Oculus XR plugin and requires Unity 2021.2.5f1 and an Oculus Quest 2 to work.

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This script is used to generate a log file with all the information from the Unity Debug.Log console. It also includes the option to show a Textbox Log in the application UI.


  • Create log file in app path or local resources path
  • Verbose debugging with stack trace
  • Display in UI or silent mode

Other features:

  • FPSDisplay.cs for displaying framerate on the UI
  • FlyCamera.cs for simple WASD and mouse camera control for test scenes
  • Utils.cs some useful functions

To use this script, simply copy it to the assets folder and add it to any game object.

Download from my Github

Shader Man Selection for Unity 3D

I adapted from the ShaderMan project, a series of Shaders for Unity, although it is not 100% my creation, except some, are interpretations and conversions of shaders found in ShaderToy mostly.

Also the project includes some interesting shaders that are not my creation, and that I wanted to incorporate to the project for its later study.

You can find the source code in my GitHub

Pano3DReal 0.4a

VR application for viewing 360 panoramas and 3D content for Google Cardboard.

Virtual Reality (VR) provides us with the opportunity to immerse ourselves in virtual worlds and have fully immersive experiences. This application offers users a fascinating way to explore and enjoy panoramic images in an immersive environment.

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