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VR application for viewing 360 panoramas and 3D content for Google Cardboard.

Virtual Reality (VR) provides us with the opportunity to immerse ourselves in virtual worlds and have fully immersive experiences. This application offers users a fascinating way to explore and enjoy panoramic images in an immersive environment.

The application has been created using Unity, a powerful game and application development engine. Unity allows us to create interactive virtual environments that are compatible with various platforms, including Google Cardboard.

One of the standout features of this application is its ability to display 360 panoramas and 3D photos simultaneously. 360 panoramas are immersive images that capture a complete view of an environment in all directions. These images transport you to incredible places and make you feel as if you are physically there. 3D photos, on the other hand, provide a sense of depth and realism by adding an additional dimension to the visual experience.

The Windows version of the application has a simple yet functional interface. Upon launching it, users can use intuitive controls to navigate through the panoramas and 360 photos. Pressing the “O” key disables virtual reality and displays the image in a standard view. Conversely, pressing the “P” key activates virtual reality mode and initiates full immersion.

Interaction with the application is achieved by moving the head using the mouse. As the mouse is moved, it simulates the user’s head movement in the virtual environment, allowing for smooth and natural exploration of the panoramas. Additionally, by holding down the “Ctrl” key and moving the mouse, the user can simulate head tilting, adding even more realism to the experience.


  • O – Vr deactivated
  • P – Vr activated
  • Mouse – Move head
  • Ctrl + mouse – rotate head

Download for: Android | Windows